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We’re delighted to share with you our hopes and dreams for the future of our community.

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Mission Statement

WoA is a nonprofit organization that is committed to strengthening human resource capacities in communities in Tanzania. We provide English language comprehensive classes, support for various schools and institutions including those for the disabled and unemployed.

US Board Members

Audrey Marie DiMambro-Caputo; (known as Audra)

Audra is the CEO of Wind of Africa, Inc in California, USA and a Co-Founder, Co-Director of Winds of Africa Foundation in Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa. She was a previous resident of eighteen years in Tanzania and resides in Arusha during her stay.

She worked in Mental Health Care and Psychiatric Hospitals during her career in San Diego and continues to have affiliation with select facilities.

Audra volunteered in Zimbabwe, Africa in January 1996 for one year with Visions in Action which then brought her to Tanzania in 2001. She devotes her attention to encourage change for the better in education and health and to be a witness in progress. Her favorite pastimes are surfing, skiing, hiking, writing and travel.

Contact: dimambroaudra@hotmail.com, audra@windsofafrica.org

Mr. Anthony J. Caputo

Tony is the legal advisory to Winds of Africa, Inc, a Californian non-profit corporation and Winds of Africa Foundation in Arusha, Tanzania. He is a resident of San Diego, California, USA.  In both countries he is significantly involved in all aspects of the organization and its projects.

Tony practiced law in San Diego, California for 40+ years with an emphasizing on civil and business law including litigation. He is now retired, enjoying his time surfing, skiing, bicycling; mostly seeking new adventure while meeting new people by traveling the USA and other countries.

Associations: World Wildlife Fund, Nature Conservancy, Smithsonian, National History Museum, Sierra Club.

Contact: tonycaputo@aol.com, tony@windsofafrica.org

Ms Susan Munger

WoA Director/ Secretary Winds of Africa Inc.

Susan has worked as Tony Caputo’s secretary and as an experienced paralegal in San Diego for over 30 yrs. She is responsible for imparting the vision of the organization and administrative duties; keeping the record of the minutes of the meetings of the directors, responsible for all corporation’s paperwork, and oversees the activity of the annual fundraiser.

Susan is a dynamic woman, she enjoys spending special time with her husband and two sons. Susan also volunteers her time as the secretary for PTA of local middle school.

Mr. Richard Barsell

WoA Director

Richard established and is the owner of a business development company for over 40 years and still going strong.

Rich agreed to be a Director after visiting, twice now, the activities of WoA programs in Tanzania with Tony and Audra. He continues to impart the vision of the organization and overseeing its fund-raising operations; using business experience to assist the organization in making decisions, including those concerning budgeting and most efficient use of funds.

Richards favorite pastimes are traveling different countries, biking riding, and seeking unique fine art. His daughter and son are his best buddies.

Mr. Charles W. Giacomini

Jack has been a connected to WoA since 2001, after Audra and Tony traveled to Tanzania. He believes heart fully in WoA cause. Jack is an experienced Hotel Operator who is a co-owner of Hotel Managers Group. A company that operates several Hotel Establishments as well as several in-dependent Hotels. He is or has been on the board of directors of National and State Hospitality Associations, the San Diego Hotel and Motel Association as well as the San Diego Convention Center. Jacks skillfulness in Hospitality continues to help Audra with the WoA Hospitality programs and village programs that implement new ways of teaching.

Jack is devoted to family and enjoys travel.

Tanzania Board Members

Mr. Ian Mamuya

Ian is a Founder and Director to Winds of Africa Foundation in Arusha, Tanzania. He has worked in the community development field in Tanzanian management issues for an extensive period. He is Director of the Marangu Community Development Association (MACDA) in the northeastern Kilimanjaro region, a voluntary organization set up by members of the community. MACDA implements programs in primary and vocational education, health, environment, and promotion of small business. Mr. Mamuya has worked in consultancy capacity with various organizations, including the Dar-es-salaam City Council (urban tourism project), the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania (health insurance scheme), the Tanzania Outward Bound School (re-structuring program), and is founder Trustee of the Friends of Mt. Kilimanjaro Foundation. Mamuya is also member of the Board of the Marangu Hospital, the Board of Mengeni Teachers’ Resource Centre, and member of the Health Advisory Committee of the Northern Diocese.

Contact: (+255) 754 260 309, flamingoarusha@yahoo.com

Dr. Sifuel Mamuya

Dr. Sifuel has extensive experience in issues of health and education in Tanzania, having worked as a general physician in the national referral hospital, Muhimbili Hospital, Dar-es-salaam, for several years, and been appointed to several posts, including being National Director of Health Education in the Ministry of Health, honorary tutor in health education in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Dar-es-salaam, National chairman of TB Association of Tanzania, and member of the National Advisory Committee on Education. Dr. Mamuya left civil service to set up the Family Planning Association of Tanzania, of which he was first chairman for 6 years, vice-chairman for a further 20 years, and member of the Executive Council member for another 10 years until his retirement in 2002, during which he also was one of the founder members of the Africa Regional Council of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (based in Nairobi, Kenya). Dr. Mamuya still works with the national Association and the Africa Regional Council of the IPPF in a voluntary capacity as honorary consultant. He also was also a founder member of EMAU, a national organization dedicated to providing life education and counseling for youth.

He is currently a member on several boards, including the governing Council of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, Northern Diocese (Kilimanjaro region), and is advisor to the health programs of the Diocese. He has published several books dealing with sex education, youth counseling, family planning, and HIV awareness.

Mr Sajjad Omar

His educational background is in Computer Literacy (i.e. Consulting in Graphic and Website design) and Business Management. He is involved in numerous community development programs in the surrounding areas in Moshi. His skills allow him to be innovative and creative in designing various promotional materials. He is a consultant and designer for various organizations in Tanzania and abroad. Sajjad is Audra’s backbone while she is in Arusha, helping in numerous ways. He likes to spend his spare time socializing with family, friends.

One of Sajjad’s favorite hobbies is growing and selling orchids of many varieties.

Contact: sajjad_omar@hotmail.com, s.a.omar@gmail.com

Advisory Board Members

Ms Wendy Spivey

Wendy is an Australian, although she says her heart is African, she is a jewelry designer and runs 'My African Heart' bijoux business from her current base in Dakar, Senegal. Wendy spent many years living in Tanzania, running a large Safari company. Her love for the children of Africa is for most in her mind. Wendy is also a mother to three wonderful children, Madeleine, Fraser and Anthea.