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Bomang'ombe Vocational Training Center

We’re delighted to share with you our hopes and dreams for the future of our community.

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The late Mr. Kitto and Mrs. Kitto started working as primary schools teachers in 1974- 1977. In 1981-1990 they taught tailoring at the Folk Development Collages, an adult education program. In 1990 – 1994 they taught at Leguruki V.T.C. 1994-1996 they were employed by Private Center Hai, V.T.C. Mrs. Kitto also worked with Umoja V.T.C., (LAWATE). They started Bomang'ombe VTC in 1996, without any financial assistance; their devotion and diverse teaching skills were their resources.

Brief History

There is a large growing population of youth in Bomang’ombe and in Tanzania. The majority of them have finished primary education and some secondary education.

Unfortunately, they are not given the option to continue their studies during this crucial time of adolescence. As a result of poverty, single parenting and illness (to name a few reasons) the younger generation do not receive the guidance or training to warrant them employment or self-employment. Given these circumstances, they resort to wandering the streets and begging resulting into higher state of poverty, disease and violent behavior. Our goal is to endorse confidence and teach how to provide for a safe dependable future